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Establishing a Baseline for Fertility Management


As the 2016 Harvest continues to dodge showers here in Northern Indiana; thinking about your fertility management may not be the first thing that comes to mind.  However, as we find ourselves having to deal with low commodity prices, we need to ensure we are maintaining our fertility to continue to produce good yields.


One way to do this is to stay current on soil sampling by keeping fields in a regular testing cycle.  Soil sampling every two to four years is ideal and will result in more valuable results and higher profitability potential.  This will ensure that we are keeping our nutrients up to snuff and addressing any possible pH factors that may be limiting our yields.  Also, by sampling via GPS, we can create baselines by gauging our fertility movement by collaborating with yield data from our combines.


We here at ProTech Partners pride ourselves in helping our customers manage crucial agronomic decisions based off sound soil sampling in combination with complete agronomic data analysis.  Feel free to contact us with questions on how we can help you improve your production.


Have a safe harvest and we look forward to talking with you soon!


Brock Gobrogge, CCA

Precision Agronomist, ProTech Partners

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Oct, 28, 2016